Turret Type BOPP Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine

We are India’s applauded turret type BOPP Tape slitting rewinding machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter introducing an ISO certified range at the best prices for your high volume BOPP Tape slitting needs.

We manufacturers of the slitting rewinding machine execute the manufacturing following profound study of the BOPP material and technology to deliver the particularly best solution in regard. Our introduced turret type BOPP tape slitting rewinding machine is amidst, designed principally considering high volume and long running slitting operation requirements of the big wig industries. This range we have achieved implementing our proficiency in the turret technology that facilitates in increasing productivity and hence generate double fold output than a conventional winders.

Turret Type Bopp Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine Exporter in Gujarat

The ingenious design of this turret BOPP tape slitting rewinding machine allows winding on one shaft while the cores are loaded on the other shaft that minimizing downtime and delivers significant productivity. The fame of this slitting rewinding machine can be demonstrated by the huge demand in the local as well as the global market for its high speed and excellent advanced tension control and web positioning technology enabling operators to obtain unmatched quality finished rolls in a timely manner.

This turret type BOPP tape slitting rewinding machine ensures perfect execution of the every BOPP tape in a productive manner by means of the turret, whereas slitting of the BOPP tape is achieved through sharp edged rotary knives integrated within, availing of this machine enables perfect slitting of any thickness BOPP tapes. We provide web width and slit width as per the application requirement at the best possible rates in the market, whilst automatic knife positing, core placement system, closed loop tension control, trim winders, idler and driven rolls adapted for high speeds are available on request to make offered turret type BOPP tape slitting rewinding machine application appropriately.

Technical Details

Slitting width 1.3m, also suitable 1280mm width jumbo roll 1320mm (Customized)
Max diameter of material Dia 800mm
Min, Cutting diameter 12mm
Paper core of inside Machine Speed 0 to 180m/min
Max. Unwinder Roll Dia 14’
Max. Rewinding Roll Dia 150mm
Electric Motor 1 HP Electric Single Phase D.C Motor