Tarpaulin Slitting Rewinding Machine

We are India’s highest ranking Tarpaulin Slitting Rewinding Machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter introducing an ISO certified range at the best prices for your tarpaulin slitting necessities.

The waterproofing potency of the plastic tarpaulin sheets is a major driver for its vogue and for its expanding use in the variety of the applications incorporating bags, curtains, roof covering and many more. Its cost effective quotient is somewhat has made it the best performer in every single application that has considerably raised its marketability. This tarpaulin slitting rewinding machine is manufactured and rolled in the larger rolls, which thereafter cut into the desired width as per the requirements. However, the slitting of the tarpaulin is not a piece of cake; it requires modernized machinery to slit the tarpaulin seamlessly and efficiently and we are the manufacturer of such a cutting edge machinery named tarpaulin slitting rewinding machine made of the utmost quality equipment in accordance with the international quality standards. This slitting rewinding machine operated impeccably and hence gives you a pleasant experience all through its life, thanks to its intelligent engineering accomplished by our experienced team of the professionals.

We believe in the pinpoint accuracy, be it unwind roller, rewind roller, pneumatic brakes, clutch, motor, rotary cutter or any other unit of the machine, what you will experience is the high quality that no other slitting rewinding machine can deliver and therefore our product range is thriving worldwide for the same. This tarpaulin slitting rewinding machine we provide in the different web width and slit width make you achieve every tarpaulin slitting in the desired width.

Technical Details

Web width  400 to 5000 mm
Maximum Diameter Of Stock Roll 600 – 1000 mm (1200 mm – 1400 mm Optional for Heavy Duty Model)
Minimum Slit Width 15 mm
Maximum Diameter Of Finished Roll 400 to 600 / 1000 mm / 1200 mm – 1400 mm (Optional for Heavy Duty)
Operating Speed 3-15 HP at 415 V, 3 Phase , 50 cycles A.C. Supply