We are India’s number one quality PVC film slitting rewinding machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter introducing an ISO certified range at the best prices for your plastic film slitting requirements.

The considerable advantages like flexible, light, cost efficient, tough and safe have made the PVC film an invaluable material in modern day packaging to protect and preserve products effectively. This intensifying demand has also raised the demand of the PVC film slitting rewinding machine to fulfill the respective operation efficiently. We are world famous for delivering unmatched solution in regard to perfect edge slitting of the PVC films, which we have achieved after thorough research on the PVC material and its physical properties ahead of configuration and development of the PVC film slitting rewinding machine. The use of the state of the art technology for tension controlling and web handling enables an operator to perform high quality slitting of the PVC material effortlessly. This PVC film slitting rewinding machine is an incorporation of the unwinding unit, slitting unit and rewinding unit, where in pneumatic brake and clutch are equipped for regulating unwinding and rewinding of the respective PVC film.

By means of the provided range of the PVC film slitting rewinding machine one can attain flawless slitting of the PVC within a fraction of seconds that is being possible because of the knife edged rotary cutters, made of the utmost quality material hence ensures longer service life. The provided slitting rewinding machine is capable to slit any thickness of PVC with the same perfection in a timely manner and therefore is being honored worldwide for performing its principle efficaciously, available in the widest assortment to match your requirements of the web width and slit width.

Technical Details

Size 50” (1350 mm-1650 mm) Working Width
Main M.S. Wall with all side shaped 35mm thick
Knurling Roller Complete 5 Nos
Slitting Method Circular Cutter
Core Size of the Roll (Rewinding ) Inner DIA 50 and 75 mm
Size of the Slit Strips (Width) 19 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 38 mm, 48 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 80 mm, 120 mm
Electric Motor 5 H.P. A.C. Main Drive Electric Motor with Control Panel with On‐Off switch, Speed Regulating, Emergency Stop MCB Contactor in the Panel.
Turret Rewinder 2 Nos. with 1 HP A.C. Moto
Razor Balancer Circular Cutter 10 Nos. with blade fixing arrangement
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