We are India’s highest rank PVC cling film slitting rewinding machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter introducing an ISO certified range at the best prices for your cling film slitting requirements.

PVC cling film has proven its effectiveness in the food packaging industries for its protective and preserving qualities. However, slitting of this film demands significant attention as they are very thin, hence require high quality slitting rewinding machine to achieve slitting of the PVC clings film. We are the manufacturer of the PVC cling film slitting rewinding machine and our machine have proven its worthiness in slitting the PVC cling film flawlessly, thanks to the entire teams of the designers, engineers and quality analyst team who have contrived the range of the PVC cling film slitting rewinding machine paying highest attention towards area of application. The employment of the highest quality raw material and implementation of the best technology for tension controlling and web guiding gives us the exceptional quality of the slitting rewinding machine sharing potential to achieve every PVC cling film slitting incredibly. The considerable control on unwind and rewind operation ensure wrinkle free execution of the PVC cling film that is imperative for accurate slitting.

The offered PVC cling film slitting rewinding machine is significantly used in the converting industries for achieving flawless slitting in a timely and cost effective manner, manifest from the good marketability of our range worldwide for the best return on the investment, can be availed in the different specification of web width and slit width for your application needs and able to cut PVC cling film of any thickness and delivers same quality output.

Technical Details

Unwinding Width 350-500mm
Rewinding Diameter 300mm(Max)
Rewinding Speed 650m/Min(Max)
Outer Dimension 1250x900x1000m
Unwinding Diameter 400mm(Max)
Unwinding Paper Tube Dia 3 Inch(76mm)
Rewinding Paper Tube Dia 1.5 Inch, 2 Inch, 3 Inch
Slitter Speed 650m/Min(Max)
Power 3kw
Specification 1250x900x1000mm(Lxwxh)
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