We are India’s top ranked Laminated Film Slitting Rewinding Machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter introducing an ISO certified range at the best prices for your laminated film slitting requirements.

When we say laminated that means the film uniting two or more layers of film to impart specific property like Thermal resistance / Hydrolysis resistance/ UV resistance required for the respective application. However, the slitting of such a laminated film is demanding that requires high quality slitting rewinding machine. We are proficient in contriving supremacy range of the laminated film slitting rewinding machine, enabling individuals to execute slitting operation efficiently and confidently, thanks to a team of the professionals who is having deep know how in the web handing and tension controlling technology and working dedicatedly on every fundamental unit. including unwind, rewind, rotary to maximize performance and slitting quality of the machine abreast attention to the laminated film properties is also liable for the successful development of the end product.

We manufacturer of the laminated film slitting rewinding machine are proud to deliver an outstanding range at the lowest rate in the industry that holds far enough in terms of quality of others. The use of the exemplary quality rotary cutter of the machine has proven to be superior worldwide for delivering uniform edge slit films in a timely and cost effective manner. For the customers who are particular for the web width and slit width, we provide customized range of the same quality at the same rates with the assurance of nothing but pleasant experience all through its lifespan.

Technical Details

Web width 400 to 5000 mm
Maximum Diameter Of Stock Roll 600 – 1000 mm (1200 mm – 1400 mm Optional for Heavy Duty Model)
Minimum Slit Width        15 mm
Maximum Diameter Of Finished Roll 400 to 600 / 1000 mm / 1200 mm – 1400 mm (Optional for Heavy Duty)
Operating Speed 3-15 HP at 415 V, 3 Phase , 50 cycles A.C. Supply
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