Label Slitting Rewinding Machine

We are India’s widely popular Label Slitting Rewinding Machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter introducing an ISO certified range at the best prices for your roll slitting necessities.

Labels are used extensively to serve a wide variety of purposes like branding and packaging, which are available in the different types of material among, BOPP, PP, paper, Craft paper, polyester are the substantial in the labeling industries for its certain advantages. However, these labels are required in considerably small size and therefore the rolls of the respective material demands slitting ahead of printing. We are a celebrated name in the converting industries for comprehend requirement thoroughly and accordingly deliver a solution in terms of slitting rewinding machine. Likewise, the introduced machine is wholly designed and engineered with the highest precision towards dimensions that is potent to achieve the smallest size of label slitting precisely. This range of the Label Slitting Rewinding Machine is accomplished through relentless efforts towards achieving unrivalled quality of the slitting rewinding machine that is a paragon of perfection.

We believe that tension plays a significant role in the perfect slitting and hence it is a pivotal concern during the manufacturing of the label slitting rewinding machine to deliver considerable tension controlling. Other than, a vibration free operation of our machine also helps achieving flawless slitting of the label, thanks to a team of experts who used side frame wisely in order to deliver vibration free operation. This range is available in the different web width and slit width as per the end user requirement and ensures a pleasant slitting experience all through its life span.

Technical Details

Web width  300 to 1500 mm
Stock Roll Diameter 800 mm
Rewind Roll Diameter Up to 400 mm
Rewind Core Diameter 76 mm