Heavy Duty Slitting Rewinding Machine

We are India’s top rated Heavy Duty Slitting Rewinding Machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter introducing an ISO certified range at the best prices for your heavy duty slitting needs.

By means of the profound knowledge we embrace in the slitting rewinding technology, we are thriving in the converting industries for equipping productive solution concerning heavy duty slitting applications of large industries. This range of the slitting rewinding machine is made adopting cutting edge web guiding technology that delivers excellent webbing operation, imperative for the successful execution of the unwinding and rewinding. The equipped pneumatic brake with the unwinding roll enables controlling the tension, as the tension of the machine is decisive for consistent slitting process and successful execution of stretchy and thin materials. The every equipment incorporated with the provided Heavy Duty Slitting Rewinding Machine is quality tested by a team of the quality analyst before being combined in the one unit and hence is assured of supremacy under heavy duty operations.

The slitting of the respective role is accomplished through sharp rotary knives placed after the unwind roll, which thereafter forwarded for the rewinding into desired size of the rolls. The reason our heavy duty slitting rewinding machine performs unstoppable is our vigorous construction, précised engineering along with strict quality control throughout the manufacturing, available in the widest alternatives in web width and slit width.

Technical Details

Web Width 600mm To 2500 Mm
Unwind Dia Up To 1000mm
Rewind Dia Up To 600 Mm
Rewinding Type Duplex Center Cum Surface
Unwind/Rewind Core 3” Dia. I.D
Min. Slitting Width 50 Mm
Machine Speed 100 To 130 Mtrs/Min.
Roll Weight 500 Kg
Guiding System Pneumo Hydraulic Web Aligner
Unwind Tension Control By Means Of Mechanical Brake
Rewind Tension Control By Means Of Mechanical Clutch
Drive Mechanizom Chain Wheel Arrangement
Drive D.C Drive
Rubber Roll System Both Rubber Roll Operate Mechanically
Blower Section 1 H.P A.C Motor