ATM Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

We are India’s top seed ATM Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter introducing an ISO certified range at the best prices for your ATM paper slitting necessities.

ATM is one of the financial innovation that has seize the speed that has become the heart of the wider financial industry, wherein thermal printing technology used to print a receipt for record keeping, whilst the thermal paper is used to achieve speedy, reliable and high-definition receipt. The increased awareness of the ATM ultimately increase the need of the ATM paper in the bulk amount and to empower the industries to efficiently accomplish the requirement, we bring out the highly qualitative range of the ATM paper slitting rewinding machine, made of the best in class equipment in a close cooperation of the professionals, holding considerable proficiency in the web guiding and tension controlling technology, which both are essential in order to achieve the wrinkle free and high quality unwinding rewinding operation all through ATM paper slitting. The wise integration of the pneumatic brake, clutch, motor and other substantial units enable us to maximize the operation efficiency abreast impeccable slitting of the ATM paper.

This ATM paper slitting rewinding machine aimed to deliver an unrivalled slitting experience by providing absolutely seamless edge of the slit ATM paper with no wrinkles at all. The sharp rotary knife slit the ATM paper accurately, whilst thanks to well equipped side frame for the vibration free performance. The highest return on investment aspect of this ATM paper slitting rewinding machine has made it a preferred choice, available in different web width and slit width to fulfill particular requirements of the individual.

Non Woven Slitting Rewinding Machine in Gujarat
ATM Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Technical Details

Web width  550 mm (20W)
Unwind Reel Dia. Up to 1000 mm (Max.)
Finished Roll Dia. Up to 400 Mtr.
Core I.D of Rewind Roll 12.7 mm, 19.05 mm – 25.4 mm
Core I.D of Unwind Roll 76 mm (3m)
Design Speed 150 – 200 M/mm
Substrate     For Slitting Thermal Paper
Power 5 HP AC Motor (ABB)
Control Panel         5 HP AC with Digital Drive
Cutting System Rotary Score Cutter (Male + Female)
Lay-on Unit Control Pressure of Lay-on Unit controlled by Pneumatic Cylinder
Web Tension Cross movement by hand wheel
Brake Heavy Duty Brake
Paper Insertion Automatic without tape