Aluminum Foil Slitting Rewinding Machine

We are India’s best seller Aluminum Foil Slitting Rewinding Machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter introducing an ISO certified range at the best prices for your aluminum foil slitting necessities.

Aluminum foil is perceived to be the lifeline of the food for its barrier function against the penetration of moisture, oxygen, light and other gases, which has made it an indispensable to mankind. The uses of aluminum foil have grown over the years to nearly endless numbers and together the demand of the slitting rewinding machine to accomplish cutting of the aluminum foil rolls. We manufacturer of the slitting rewinding machine present an exclusively configured range of the slitting rewinding machine that guarantees precise cutting of the aluminum foil. We are in the business for years long and hence we are able to understand the requirement of the respective material, likewise our Aluminum Foil Slitting Rewinding Machine is developed with the highest attention on the tension controlling, which is an essential phase for the perfect and wrinkle free unwinding and rewinding of the aluminum foil, whilst pneumatic brake and clutch are used for the controlling of the both rollers.

The introduced aluminum foil slitting rewinding machine is quality tested against several quality parameters and therefore is guaranteed for the flawless performance in terms of guiding and slitting, wherein high quality rotary cutter are placed after the unwinding rollers to perform slitting of the aluminum foil. This slitting rewinding machine is prominently appraised worldwide for providing absolutely uniform slit aluminum foil sharing uniform surface at the leading rates in the market. The number of rotary cutters we provide as per the web width and slit width requirements.

Aluminum Foil Slitting Rewinding Machine

Technical Details

Substrate: Foil / Film 9 to 40 Micron
Maximum Diameter Of Stock Roll 300 – 1200 mm
Stock Roll Diameter         600 mm
Rewind Roll Diameter Up to     400 mm
Rewind Core Diameter


76, 32 & 38 mm Std.