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Ocean International is India’s top ranked manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the slitting rewinding machine, providing slitting solutions at the best prices in the market. So if you produce or process web-shaped materials such as PP, BOPP, HDPE, PET, PVC films, Aluminum foil, thermal paper, refined paper, kraft paper, packaging materials and aluminum, then we are the best partner for you.

We are the global leader in converting industries for providing innovative and sustainable slitting and rewinding solutions for all types of material, incorporating plastic films, paper and metal foils that undoubtedly delight you.

Slitting Rewinding Machine Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

We are passionate in our manufacturing segment to accomplish our motive that is to deliver cutting edge and cost efficient range of slitting rewinding machine that gives the highest return on investment. Our strength is our adroitness in the tension measurement and control technology, Web Handling Products & Control Systems of various converting machines in conjunction with precision roll design enabling us to conceptualize new ideas and put new technologies in practice for delivering slitting rewinding machinery that is legendary for its superior performance worldwide.

Our backing is our workforce and our in-house facilities, both untiringly work to introduce next innovation for your future needs and always be a step ahead of the competitors.

Our Exclusive Range for Your Requirements

Ocean International Affords Solution For Every Size And Every Purpose:

This slitting rewinding machine is ISO 9001:2008 standardized and is being overwhelmingly accepted in the extensive industries for the adaptability of slitting and rewinding any type of material effectively, be it BOPP, PVC, HDPE, PP, PET, Polyster, laminated film, aluminum film, thermal paper and craft paper. This range has intensified a market for increasing efficiency and ultimately increasing profitability of the respective industry, range starting from 4mm slit widths to 3000mm master webs; 10um film to 10mm thick foams; 50mpm to 1000mpm operating speeds.

Ocean International Affords Tailor Solutions:

We are enriched with the considerable years of experience in the slitting rewinding machine and therefore are technological savvy at the same enabling us to deliver the tailor made solution to fulfill your exclusive need as per the detailed provided by the end user. We attentively look at the requirements of the users and owing the same carry out the design and custom engineering of the slitting rewinding machine making serious attempts and focus toward the requirements of every individual customer with a motive that customer advantage from tailored solutions. Further, we constantly stay in touch with the customers to ensure its compliance and hence deliver 100% satisfaction by surpassing their exclusive needs. To date, we have served 500+ tailor made slitting rewinding machine worldwide and are applauded for delivering unmatched results in a cost effective manner.


It is belief that when we work together, we grow together. We as a team works delicately by considering the specific need of the customers and aggressively making technological research that helps procuring a range of the slitting rewinding machine that illustrates all the customer needs and surpasses expectation in terms of performance. By this means, we not only help in the growth of the consumer industry, but also in the personal growth in terms of advancement of expertise and modernism.


We believe if your product is not flexible, it becomes obsolete with a changing time. To match with the ever changing requirements of the converting industries, it is essential that your product shares flexibility. We understand the essentiality of versatility and therefore we have imparted the same in the introduced range of the slitting rewinding machine that is completely versatile in handling a variety of materials in a profitable manner. Our provided range of the slitting rewinding machine shares unmatched flexibility that not only improves operational efficiency, but also reduces the downtime.


We believe in making a customer, not a sale and therefore we equally focus on the customer service as the quality that helps us develop a congenial relationship with a customer that lasts forever. Our well trained team of the customer service provider set to serve 24/7 for the ever rising need of the customer associated with our slitting rewinding machine, be it a part replacement, new spare parts or technical assistance, we endeavor to fulfill your requirement in the best possible time. Furthermore, our team is ready to serve at your place too, if called upon to address any problem arose in the machinery or associated query.


Without innovation, we cannot advance the product and hence innovation is responsible for the sustaining in the competition. And that is why we constantly work on the introducing newer and effective solution to customer that we call innovation by means of keeping eyes on every upcoming technology, understanding and implementing in a manner that delivers highest benefits. This innovation is experienceable by any consumer by availing our single piece of the slitting rewinding machine.

Products Range

Our High tech, Powerful and Versatile slitting rewinding machine with high web speed range below mentioned and Select from a standardized range of slitting rewinding machine and reap the advantages of technical expertise and precision engineering into every machine

Our Heavy Duty Slitting Rewinding Machine Guarantee For

  • The precision engineering ensures flawless results and constant line speed
  • Enable to withstand high stress without unfailing
  • The slitting is known for precised slitting, even at higher speed
  • The cast iron side frame ensures vibration free operations
  • The excellent tension control of the our slitting rewinding machine ensures perfect slitting of rolls

Discover why our clients choose us for their slitting rewinding machine

Glance on Slitting Rewinding Machine

What is slitting rewinding machine?

The rewinder machine is a prominent part of the flexible packaging industry & film Industry, used to slit (section) the product into multiple strips and therefore it is also reckoned as a slitter machine in the several industries, wherein the raw product is loaded onto an unwind stand of the rewinder machine. As the machine turns on, the master roll is unwound and webbed through a slitter machine where it is slit into determined size of strips by means of Rotary shear slitting which thereafter rewind into the desired size of roll. This slitting rewinding machine is extensively used to slit plastic films, paper and metal foils uniformly.

What is rewind slitting?

In the rewind slitting a coil of material is cut down into a several number of smaller coils of a desired measure, wherein the product on the coil is firstly unwind and undergoes a number of knives to form narrower rolls of materials ahead of rewinding on the smaller coils.

Strong Points to Avail Our Slitting Rewinding Machine

Substantial Construction

The technological advancement, precision engineering and exemplary quality material of construction, cross braced frames and precisely machined and balanced aluminum rollers are what gives our range substantial construction.

Simple Operation

The simple construction of this slitting rewinding machinery helps carry out any specific task with less adjustment in the machinery and hence hired man is able to execute smoothly slitting with less effort just after a short training to operate.

Worldwide Support

The quick support is available by telephone, other than internet support is available 24/7, to ensure unstoppable operation of your firm. Both supports are free of cost and can be availed worldwide.

High Tech Design & Built

Our range of the slitting rewinding machine is designed and constructed adopting prevailing technology and to keep our product up to date with technology, we make constant watch on the technology update.

We Are Well Versed To Deliver Slitting Rewinding Machine For Below Mentioned Materials

  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • PVC
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Stretch Films
  • Polyester Film
  • LDPE Film
  • BOPP Film
  • BOPP Tape
  • OPP CPP Films
  • METPET Film
  • PET Film
  • OPA Film M
  • Non Woven Fabric
  • Woven Sack
  • Paper Board
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Film Ribbon
  • Textile Cloth
  • Nylon Fabric
  • Micro Tape
  • Coated Paper
  • Ice Cream Cup Paper
  • Fax Roll Paper
  • Laminated Film
  • Cling Film

Our Expertise Lies In

The Web Handling Technology

We slitting rewinding machine manufacturers hold in depth knowledge in the field of web handling technology that is pivotal to get a best in class range of the slitting rewinding machine. Our web handling technology expertise facilitates to develop an extensive variety of web handling systems from simple to complex with high precision continuous feed system that is absolutely robust, manifest from an impeccable performance of the provided slitting rewinding machine and its ability to provide you a total automation all over its lifespan. To date, we have delivered many of the application specific solution for domestic as well as international market.

Non Woven Slitting Rewinding Machine in Gujarat

The Latest in High Speed Technology

To us, technology is essence of any machinery and the continuous advancement in the technology enables imparting supremacy in the respective product and in order to introduce technological advancement in the every range we manufacturer, we constantly push our limits of technology so that can bring out supremacy in our slitting rewinding machine and hence ensure you a more safe, productive and reliable experience.

  • Known for high speed technology
  • Easy to use for higher output
  • Excellent dimensional stability and flatness
  • Constant line speed causes constant tension roll
  • Dynamically balanced drive rollers
  • Shows outstanding adhesion
  • Good cohesion strength
  • Resistant to oils and greases
  • Customizable roll handling system
  • AC/DC drive system
HDPE Film Slitting Rewinding Machine Supplier in Ahmedabad

Exceptional After Sales Care

Our efforts are not only limited to customer satisfaction, but continue to build a long-term relationship with them by means of exceptional after sales care and grow their profits, wherein we give all the necessary support. Our trained team of the support constantly helps the customer during installation and training to operate slitting rewinding machine, exchanging spare parts if damaged, resolve customer’s queries immediately, take feedback and service to know the customer better and accordingly made alternations if needed. Our after sale care is totally free of cost and for domestic as well as international customers, to get a care support, contact us today…!

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